Monday, July 05, 2010

Prosecutor: Hackers Harassed FBI Tipster With Threats, Sex Toys

Scott Gordon writes on NBC Dallas/Ft. Worth:

Members of a shadowy group of computer hackers, including one in prison, tried to obstruct an FBI investigation and harassed a government tipster with emailed threats, attacks online, and even sex toys sent to his home address, according to a court document.

The allegations were included in a search warrant, authorizing agents to search the houses and seize computer equipment of four suspected members of a group known as the Electronik Tribulation Army.

The searches were conducted late last month in Texas, Ohio, Kansas and California.

ETA’s former leader, Jesse William McGraw, of Arlington, pleaded guilty in May in a high-tech scheme to manipulate the air conditioning system of the Dallas medical clinic where he worked as a security guard.

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