Sunday, September 26, 2010

French Police Dismantle Mobile Phone Hacking Ring

An AFP newswire article, via The Sydney Morning Herald, reports:

French police have busted a network of mobile phone hackers, a fraud worth millions of euros, and arrested nine people, including employees of cellular phone companies, investigators said Sunday.

Three people were still in custody Sunday following the arrests across the country that came after a year-long investigation into the network, which had been operating for a decade and is the first of its kind in France, according to officials in an investigative unit of the Marseille gendarmerie.

Investigators explained that fraudsters purchased codes to unlock SIM cards for three euros (four US dollars) each from high-ranking phone company employees, who had access to company databases.

The network subsequently sold the codes on the Internet for 30 euros. The money earned from these sales were put into tax-free overseas bank accounts.

More here.


At Mon Sep 27, 06:57:00 AM PDT, Blogger zeridon said...

You do realize that this hardly qualifies as hacking. It is more of a malice on the behalf of the company employees.


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