Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gaps In International Cyber Law Could Hamper Mariposa Case

Paul Roberts writes on Threat Post:

The take down of the Mariposa botnet is a cyber law enforcement success story - but gaps in international cyber law could make it difficult to prosecute those behind the botnet.

A researcher involved in the analysis and dismantling of the Mariposa botnet said that gaps in cyber crime laws in the countries from which the botnet was operated may make it difficult to prosecute those accused of operating the scheme.

Pedro Bustamante, a senior researcher at Panda Security in Spain said that those alleged to be behind the Mariposa botnet, which netted more than €20,000 a month at its height, may never see jail time because of lax cyber crime laws in Spain that, among other things, don't consider it a crime to operate a botnet.

In a presentation at the Virus Bulletin Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, Bustamante said the take down of the Mariposa botnet, which controlled close to 13 million computers at one point, was an example of the benefits of close cooperation between IT security and anti malware firms and law enforcement.

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