Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Nearly Two-Thirds of Security Pros Want National Data Breach Reporting Law

John P. Mello writes on

Nearly two-thirds of information technology security professionals would like to see a national law on data breach reporting replace the current crazy quilt of state laws governing the issue, according to the findings in a survey released June 8 by San Francisco-based automated security and compliance auditing solutions provider nCircle.

When asked if the federal government should pass data breach/privacy legislation that supersedes existing state laws, 63 percent of 544 IT security pros participating in the poll responded in the affirmative.

“Our respondents are asking the federal government to unify the patchwork of state cyber-security legislation into a single federal standard," nCircle Director of Federal Markets Keren Cummins observed in a statement.

"There certainly has been significant legislative activity on multiple bills in both the House and the Senate, so we may be headed in that direction, but Congress still has a lot of work to do," she added. "Unifying the conflicting provisions across all the bills and creating laws that are prescriptive enough to be meaningful and enforceable is a significant task."

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