Thursday, June 30, 2005

Feds Target Unauthorized Online Exchange

An AP newswire article by Mark Sherman, via Yahoo! News:

The Justice Department is waging a new attack on Internet pirates, targeting illegal trading in first-run movies, video games and other copyrighted materials.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales planned later Thursday to announce arrests and other measures that law enforcement officials are taking as part of Operation Site Down. The Justice Department said the operation is aimed at large-scale illegal trafficking of copyrighted materials.

Among those arrested was Chirayu Patel of Fremont, Calif., on charges of violating federal copyright protection laws, the official said.

Patel is alleged to be a member of a "warez" group, a kind of underground Internet co-op that is set up to trade in copyrighted materials. Warez (pronounced "wares") groups are extraordinarily difficult to infiltrate because users talk only in encrypted chat rooms, their computer servers require passwords and many are located overseas, the FBI has said.


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