Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Hacker cleared over NTL abuse message

Via The BBC.

An angry hacker who recorded a rude message on a cable helpline for other customers to hear has been found not guilty of causing offence.

Ashley Gibbins, 26, was so angry at being put on hold for an hour by NTL that he recorded a message littered with four-letter swear words.

But Teesside magistrates cleared him of a charge under the Communications Act ruling it was not "grossly offensive".

Mr Gibbins, a taxi driver of Redcar, told the court it had been a joke

The court heard how Mr Gibbins had been waiting on the line to order broadband when he discovered he could change the recorded message so everyone who rang NTL customer service helpline was met with the stream of abuse.

The new message told astonished callers that NTL did not care about its customers and would not handle their complaints.


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