Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Engineers Repairing Pakistan's Undersea Internet Cable

An AP newswire article, via Advanced IP Pipeline:

A faulty undersea communications cable that normally connects Pakistan's 10 million Internet subscribers to the world has been pulled to the surface of the Arabian Sea for repairs, an official said Tuesday.

The fault, located under water on Sunday, could be fixed in two days but may take longer if it is at multiple points, said Mashkoor Hussain, a senior official with Pakistan Telecommunication Co. Ltd., which operates the cable.

About 100 people, including 52 engineers, aboard two repair ships are working on the cable, more than 15 kilometers (nine miles) southwest of Karachi, Pakistan's main Arabian Sea port, he said.

PTCL has been using a satellite to provide Internet and international telephone links to some key customers such as banks, airlines and the country's main stock market in Karachi since the cable stopped working on June 27.

Pakistan is normally connected to the Internet by the single undersea fiber link, called Southeast Asia, Middle East and Western Europe-3 (SEAMEWE-3).


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