Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Broadcom Files Suit Against Qualcomm

An AP newswire article, via Yahoo! News, reports that:

Broadband semiconductor maker Broadcom Corp. on Tuesday said it has filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm Inc., charging the wireless technology company with violating domestic antitrust laws.

Broadcom said its complaint centered on Qualcomm's licensing and other practices related to cellular technology and products. The complaint is the latest in a series of legal challenges brought by Broadcom against Qualcomm, which licenses CDMA, a widely used cell phone technology.

Broadcom said Qualcomm's monopoly in CDMA technology has resulted in higher domestic cell phone prices, and its lawsuit is aimed at preventing high prices on the next generation of so-called "3-G" cell phones.

In particular, Broadcom alleged Qualcomm's licensing deals violate its agreement to provide fair licensing terms that are part of telecommunications industry standards. It also claimed Qualcomm charged discriminatory royalties, and engaged in exclusionary and anticompetitive practices in supplying cell phone technology and chipsets.

A Qualcomm spokesman was not immediately available to comm


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