Thursday, September 29, 2005

DHS plans to beef up cybersecurity

God, let's hope they do a better job with cybersecurity issues than FEMA did with the hurricane relief efforts.

Alice Lipowicz writes in

The Homeland Security Department has drafted a set of key scenarios for possible cyberattacks against the Internet and critical IT systems and is seeking comments from the private sector on how to best prepare and respond to such attacks, according to Andy Purdy, acting director of DHS’ National Cyber Security Division.

DHS officials and the White House also are putting the finishing touches on a new national cybersecurity research and development plan, Purdy said earlier this week at a seminar on Capitol Hill. The event was sponsored by Nortel Networks Corp., a global telecommunications equipment manufacturer based in Brampton, Ontario.

“At DHS, we recognize the importance of cybersecurity risks and we are energized by that risk,” Purdy said.

Homeland Security secretary Michael Chertoff also is preparing to name an assistant secretary for cybersecurity and telecommunications, he said.


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