Thursday, November 17, 2005

Texas Town Renames Itself 'Dish'

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Image source: Engadget


Leonard David writes in AstroNotes (

It used to be the town of Clark, Texas. But as of November 16, the new legal name is Dish, Texas.

The rebranding was spurred by an offer from EchoStar Communications Corporation as part of the DISH City Makeover promoted by the telecommunications firm.

In exchange for the townsfolk renaming their city, DISH Network has agreed to provide every household in Dish, Texas ten years of free basic satellite TV programming, including equipment and standard installation. DISH Network introduced the DISH City Makeover as part of a new advertising campaign trumpeting “Better TV for All.”

Clark, Texas was first incorporated as a town in 2000 and is located 25 miles north of Fort Worth. It claims a population of 125. The town of Clark is a rural agricultural and ranching community as well as a bedroom community for commuters who work in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Explained Bill Merritt, Mayor of DISH, Texas: “We accepted this challenge because we believe this relationship will give us a unique opportunity to put our town on the map, and we hope it will help us attract new people and businesses so that our town can grow in the right direction. With free DISH Network satellite TV, we’ll become a place people are proud to be a part of.”


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