Thursday, March 02, 2006

X-Ray Spex: Silicon Valley Firm's Tech Used to View 'Full Body Search'

SafeView Scanner
Image source: Silcion Beat/ Mercury News

Matt Marshall writes over on Silicon Beat:

There's a Santa Clara company called SafeView that we wrote about a few years ago that "sees under clothes."

It scans your body with millimeter wave technology and creates a 3-D image to reveal any hidden items. The computer images are powerful enough to show face-blushing details, but SafeView provides options to restore privacy, blurring certain areas with snowflake patterns, or blank them out entirely. At the time of our first writing about this in 2004, we suggested the VC investment in SafeView could possibly help protect our borders and planes against terrorists.

Our story mentioned the company's backers and ties to the Bush Administration.

More here.


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