Wednesday, June 21, 2006

230 Days of Customer Service Hell over Sony DRM

Via Boing Boing.

This is the permalink to the huge chronicle of my continued customer service experience with Sony BMG to get my DRM/rootkit settlement check and albums. After I (legally) purchased a music album that infected my computer with the malicious spyware rootkit program back in November 2005, I immediately contacted Sony and requested help.

It's now been 230 days since my first customer service call and blog post, and the issue is still not resolved. I've chronciled every e-mail and phone call on my blog - exemplifying Sony's utter incompetence in fixing their DRM woes.

Not only did they lose the CD I mailed them, lose my written settlement claim and then accidentally file two claims for me, they then tried to pawn off Sony CONNECT codes on me when I specifically requested iTunes (I'm boycotting all Sony products, naturally).

Hopefully the phone numbers and e-mail contacts I've posted will help the thousands others still trying to get their settlements from Sony's spyware fiasco.

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