Thursday, June 01, 2006

Angry Grlfriends Expose U.S. Marshal Imposter

An AP newswire article, via CNN, reports that:

To some people, Richard Kudlik possessed the macho allure of movie star Tommy Lee Jones' portrayals of a deputy U.S. marshal on a manhunt.

They say he had the badge, raid jacket, flashing lights on his Dodge pickup truck, even a gun. It all felt real, right down to his earnestness, recalled one ex-girlfriend, Pamela Brown.

"Honesty and loyalty is what he always tried to project," Brown said.

But the real U.S. marshals -- and a chorus of angry women -- say Kudlik was only acting.

Kudlik, 43, was arrested at his home on Wednesday after Brown and other women outed him earlier this month on a Web site featuring a wanted poster. The site calls him a "lying, cheating U.S. Marshal impersonator" and reveals his true identity as a long-married maintenance man.

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