Sunday, July 02, 2006

Piercing China's Great Firewall

K. Oanh Ha writes in The Mercury News:

In recent months, some of Silicon Valley's leading tech giants -- Cisco, Yahoo and Google -- have come under withering criticism for helping China police the Internet, whether by supplying surveillance hardware and software or by acquiescing to its censorship demands. But in the shadow of those Goliaths, a small army of Davids is developing technology to loosen China's authoritarian grip.

Up against one of the biggest and most tightly restricted Internet networks in the world, the so-called hacktivists -- part hacker, part activist -- use proxy servers located outside China to dig digital tunnels through the Chinese government's firewall. As soon as one opens, China's Internet surfers sneak through and visit censored Web sites, send e-mail and blog anonymously -- until the Internet police find the hole and plug it.

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