Monday, August 14, 2006

NASA's New Moon Project Gets a Logo

A look at the logo for Orion, the expected name for NASA's capsule-based Crew Exploration Vehicle to follow the shuttle program.
Image source: / / NASA

Robert Z. Perlman writes on

As first reported last month, NASA's new Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV) and moon landing program is expected to adopt the moniker Orion. The space agency hasn't yet announced the name, but a logo bearing the title has now been seen in a NASA internal document that labels the insignia as "approved".

The triangular logo, which could be meant to resemble the shape of the new crewed capsule, has a blue background and white stars that are arranged to form the constellation Orion.

The three stars that are associated with Orion's "belt" are enlarged and appear over a trailing, red orbital vector that extends back and around a blue globe. The planet serves as the "O" in the otherwise plainly type-faced title "Orion".

The NASA document containing the logo is itself entitled "Project Orion Logo Approved" and is identified as being associated with (or for) NASA's Crew Exploration Vehicle Project Office.

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