Monday, August 14, 2006

Qwest Won't Commit to Seattle Fiber, But Doesn't Want City to Do It

Eric Bangeman writes on ARS Technica:

While Verizon's fiber-to-the-premises FiOS network is being rolled out and AT&T begins tentative deployments of its U-Verse (aka, Project Lightspeed) fiber-to-the-node network, Qwest is sitting on the fiber sidelines. That has left residents of the Great Plains, Rockies, and Pacific Northwest wondering when they'll be getting their own high-speed fiber-optic 'Net connections.

Fiber isn't coming anytime soon, according to Qwest CEO Dick Notebaert. That's the answer Notebaert gave a Seattle Times reporter in a recent interview, and it looks as though it will echo throughout Qwest's service region. Although the telecom has built some very small FTTP and FTTN networks for specific subdivisions, it has shown little interest in the kind of widescale deployment its larger brethren are undertaking.

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