Saturday, October 21, 2006

Spamming Worm Gets Into Cal Poly Computers

Cynthia Neff writes in The San Luis Obispo Tribune:

Cal Poly is notifying nearly 7,000 former and current students that their names and Social Security numbers were on a computer system recently breached by a worm, a program similar to a virus.

The computer system, used in conjunction with the campus telephone billing system, contained personal information on students who lived in Cal Poly’s residence halls and had a campus telephone account between 2001 and 2005. Students who lived on campus but didn’t have a telephone account aren’t affected.

University officials do not believe any personal information was accessed.

Still, concerned students can put a fraud alert on their credit reports, according to a letter sent out to the 6,919 students.

This is the sixth case in less than two years in which information about Cal Poly students was exposed. It also has affected the biggest number of students.

More here.

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