Wednesday, October 04, 2006 New Website, Same Old Scam


In this week’s in-depth report, we highlight an old badware application with a shiny new site: advertises itself as “an Internet-based multi-channel entertainment browser” that functions as a “one-stop source for thousands of downloads.” In truth, its Download Manager software is essentially a repackaging of Movieland’s MediaPipe application, which we reviewed back in March 2006 (see our Mediapipe report here). It deceives users into downloading the application, installs a Trojan horse and adware, and cannot be uninstalled. See our full report for details.

We’ve also included a “Background” section in this report. has quite a history, and we wanted to make sure users understood this history and the deceptive business practices that continues to engage in. In fact, the FTC is currently pursuing a court case against the companies behind both and Movieland.

More here.


At Wed Nov 21, 05:55:00 AM PST, Blogger Γιώργος Στάθης said...

forgive me if I am somewhat out of the topic but I have a very big problem:

google erronous states that our site is a badware source

we have check and recheck our site and the only possible source of badware can be the google adsense advertisments.

if *anyone* can provide us with some insight (google doesnt give much and we still wait for stopbadware to check our site) please do.

thank you very much


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