Monday, November 20, 2006

Interesting Intelligence Assessment: Chinese Information Warfare Exercise

Via UPI.

Xinhua reported on Nov. 19 that the Chinese People's Liberation Army, or PLA, on Nov. 19 ended a military exercise on the Pacific coast of China's eastern Shandong Province which emphasized the PLA's information warfare capabilities.

According to the Chinese news agency more than 8,000 personnel -- including the land force air unit, electronic warfare troop, artillery troop and special troops -- participated in the exercise.

According to Commander Fan Changlong of the Jinan Military Area Command, chief director of "Vanguard-206B," the 12-day exercise was designed to "root out any problems that exist among Chinese troops by exposing them to the most difficult electromagnetic environment. These troops will take on important battle tasks in future so it is essential to examine their techniques."

Another Vanguard-206B director, Zeng Weihua, said, "The application of information technology is the main purpose of this drill. We want the troops participating in the drill to know that defeat in information techniques means defeat in actual combat."

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