Thursday, May 10, 2007

Phishing, Brandjacking and Little Progress on User Awareness

Via Real-Time Messaging & Web Security.

A recent survey by MarkMontior finds phishing and kiting (quickly registering and dropping domain names similar to those of legitimate sites) is not suprisingly on the rise. The study tracked the worlds top 25 brands along with others from eight industrial groups from early March to early April. The numbers make it clear how bad the problem is:

"MarkMonitor found major brands suffered, on average, 286,000 examples of cybersquatting during over the four-week long survey, far and away the most common abuse detected."

"Clickfraud—or siphoning off consumers via fake pay-per-click ads—was identified 50,743 times, while e-commerce fraud occurred 21,093 times and kiting 11,015. These figures represent the four-week average for each brand. "

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