Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bank of India Website Hijacked, Launching Exploits

Ryan Naraine writes on the Zero Day Blog:

The Bank of India Web site has been hijacked by online criminals and is being used to serve up rootkits and backdoor Trojans on unpatched Windows machines.

Malware hunters at Sunbelt Software are warning that a snippet of code has been planted into the Bank of India Web site to redirect surfers to an exploit server.

There is evidence that the Russian Business Network (RBN), a group known for aggressive malware attacks, is behind this latest high-profile site compromise.

More here.

Note: This site is still hosting malicious content at this time -- PLEASE USE CAUTION.

Also, there is embedded text in the HTML that says (in Russian), "Remember you are always being watched".

Any vulnerable Bank of India customers who have visited the compromised website should seek assistance in getting their PCs cleaned up or re-formatted -- they may have already been infected with malware which could steal their account information, or worse.


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