Friday, September 28, 2007

Senator: Verizon Wireless Proves Need for Net Neutrality

Roy Mark writes on eWeek:

Verizon Wireless' decision to reject text messages from a pro-abortion group and its sudden reversal under public pressure is why the country needs a network neutrality law, U.S. Sen. Byron Dorgan, said Sept. 27.

Verizon Wireless had told NARAL Pro-Choice America that it would not carry text messages from the group, prompting an outcry of censorship from NARAL and other public policy advocates. All other major carriers had agreed to carry the text messages on their networks.

The nation's second largest wireless carrier quickly changed its mind and blamed the initial decision on an "incorrect interpretation" of company policy.

"Verizon may have reversed its initial decision in this case, and I'm glad they did. But the fact that they were willing and able to take their initial action is very troublesome," Dorgan said in an e-mail to eWEEK.

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