Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What Does 'ai siktir vee' Mean? It Means 'get lost'

Dancho Danchev:

After both TrendMicro and Sophos acknowledged the attack on Possibility Media's portfolio of online publications, added detection, further clustered the attack, as well as came up with a fancy graph to visualize the IFRAME-ing attack, the attackers changed the IFRAME code and directed it to another location, and perhaps it's more interesting to see them express their feelings about getting exposed in such a coordinated manner.

The second IFRAME URL from the previous post now greets with "ai siktir vee?" message. What does "ai siktir vee" means? It means "get lost".

More here.

Image source: Dancho Danchev

Note: The HTML "placeholder" logo above should look familiar to anyone familiar with the RBN... I've run across many, many identical "placeholders" while investigating RBN activities.


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