Friday, March 07, 2008

Shame of a Nation: Bush to Veto CIA Waterboarding Ban Bill

Via Reuters AlertNet.

President George W. Bush will veto legislation on Saturday banning U.S. intelligence agents from using waterboarding and other controversial interrogation methods, White House spokesman Tony Fratto said on Friday.

Last month, Congress sent Bush a broad intelligence authorization bill that contained new limits on CIA interrogation techniques, despite Bush administration warnings that such a measure would be rejected.

"The president will veto the intelligence authorization bill tomorrow," Fratto told reporters.

The legislation was approved by the Senate and House of Representatives on partisan votes that did not indicate there was enough support in Congress to overturn Bush's veto.

More here.

Note: Remember this? Well, it was a lie.

I love my country, but I'm so very ashamed of it's government. -ferg


At Sat Mar 08, 01:11:00 PM PST, Blogger Poetryman said...

Now that the truth is out there, let the word go forth. Without conservatives there would be no torture. W's veto is complete, absolute and irrefutable proof of this simple fact. Only a conservative would think to change the definition of torture so that he can go on torturing.
We have been told "they hate us for our freedoms" and "they worship a culture of death." What we did not know was conservatives were talking about themselves. Every time W wants another one of our civil liberties it's conservatives who insist you won't miss that right, you don't need it anyway and besides, point to one person who has been hurt by the lack. When you consider that conservatives love torture and the death penalty the truth becomes clear. It is conservatives who have a culture of death. And it is conservatives who hate us for our freedoms.


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