Thursday, July 17, 2008

U.S. Fears Threat of Cyber Spying at Olympics

Siobhan Gorman writes on

A debate is brewing in the U.S. government over whether to publicly warn businesspeople and other travelers heading to the Beijing Olympics about the dangers posed by Chinese computer hackers.

According to government officials and security consultants, U.S. intelligence agencies are worried about the potential threat to U.S. laptops and cellphones. But others, including the State and Commerce departments and some companies, are trying to quiet the issue for fear of offending the Chinese, these people say.

U.S. intelligence and security officials are concerned by the frequency with which spies in China and other countries are targeting traveling U.S. corporate and government officials. The Department of Homeland Security issued a warning last month to certain government and private-sector officials stating that business and government travelers' electronic devices are often targeted by foreign governments. The warning wasn't available to the public.

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At Sat Jul 19, 04:34:00 PM PDT, Anonymous Kudzu Fire said...

I guess you do have to warn people that China is not the world's friendliest cyber cafe, but I thought that scuttlebutt was well known...


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