Monday, September 29, 2008

House Website Overwhelmed as Bailout Bill Fails

An AP newswire article by Stephen Ohlemacher, via, reports that:

The House Web site was overwhelmed Monday as millions of computer users sought information about the financial bailout bill rejected by the House.

"We haven't seen this much demand since the 9/11 commission report" was posted on the site in 2004, said Jeff Ventura, spokesman for the House chief administrative officer. "We're being overwhelmed with Web traffic about the bill."

Ventura said the Web site is working, but many computer users are getting the equivalent of a busy signal when they try to visit the site. Once users are on the site, it works at reduced speed.

"You have to keep trying and eventually you get in," he said.

Ventura said the slowdown is expected to last until Tuesday. In the meantime, technicians planned to work through the night to fortify the system.

"Our computer people aren't going anywhere," Ventura said.

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