Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Microsoft's 'Revised' CAPTCHA Busted By Spammers For Mass-Mailing Operations

Via Websense Security Labs.

Spammers are once again targeting Microsoft's Hotmail (Live Hotmail) services. We have discovered that spammers, in a recent aggressive move, have managed to create automated bots that can sign up for and create random Hotmail accounts, defeating Microsoft's latest, revised CAPTCHA system. The accounts are then used to send mass-mailings.

Early this year (2008), as reported by Websense Security Labs, spammers worldwide basis demonstrated their adaptability by defeating a range of anti-spam services offered by security vendors by carrying out the streamlined anti-CAPTCHA operations on Microsoft's Live Mail, Google's Gmail, Microsoft's Live Hotmail, Google's Blogger, and Yahoo Mail (as reported by InformationWeek).

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