Tuesday, September 30, 2008

UK Government Finally Commits Funding to e-Crime Police Unit

Leo King writes on Computerworld UK:

The government has finally committed funding to a specialist national e-crime unit, twelve months after a proposal was submitted by the Metropolitan Police and following years of pressure from business.

It will provide £3.5 million of funding, leaving the Metropolitan Police to provide £3.9 million in addition, taking total funding to £7.4 million over a three year period.

The original proposal was for £5.3 million, including £1.3 million suggested to start the new centre. The proposal has also been backed by the Association of Chief Police Officers, and the government is seeking extra support from business.

The unit is due to open in spring 2009, and it is understood it will work alongside the new National Fraud Reporting Centre, rather than being part of it. It will tackle all forms of crime involving the internet, but much of its focus is expected to be on fraud cases.

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