Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Fast-Flux: How Botnets Use 'Bullet-Proof' Domains

Robert Vamosi writes on C|Net News:

Botnets are proving to more resilient and harder to shut down.

That's largely due to an increased use of methods people use to obscure the domain by constantly mapping to different bots within the network, according to a recently released study [.pdf].

The study's authors, Jose Nazario of Arbor Networks and Thorsten Holz of the University of Mannheim, tracked the traffic of 900 fast-flux domain names used by botnets within the first six months of 2008. "Fast-flux" is a term to describe how the botnets use constant changes in the mapping of the hard-coded domain name to different bots within the network. This makes it difficult for law enforcement to identify the main server and shut it down. It also adds a layer of anonymity to those operating the botnet, since the infected computers used can be located worldwide.

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