Friday, October 31, 2008

U.S. Army OKs Optical Network Security Tool

Kathleen Hickey writes on

The Army has added the Interceptor Optical Network Security System to its Information Assurance Approved Product List. Army units and installations worldwide will be able to use Interceptor to protect command and control, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance networks, and SCIF facilities.

The new fiber-optic protection technology from Network Integrity Systems monitors fibers within the cable being protected to detect handling, and can be used in support of the Army’s initiative to deploy SIPRNet to each Brigade Combat Team and to enable network-centric warfare through the Army’s Area Processing Centers.

Networks carrying sensitive or classified government information rely on encryption, hardening or intrusion detection alarms to protect the information from breaches. Unlike traditional intrusion alarms, Interceptor doesn’t rely on an extra optical fiber to sense vibrations. Instead, the system monitors the lit or dark fibers in a network’s fiber cables to detect motion of the cables themselves.

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