Monday, November 17, 2008

SoftLayer Technologies - Does the Cyber War 'Buck' Stop There?

Via IntelFusion.

President Truman made “The buck stops here” famous, but it remains as apropos today as it was back then. In this case, the question of where the buck stops is pertinent to any investigation into Cyber War operations.

As an example, SoftLayer Technologies (based in Plano, TX) leased an IP block to an unregistered company, Innovations IT Solutions Corp., operating out of a mail drop in London, which in turn hosted the Web forum, which was one of the coordinating points for the Russian hacker attacks against Georgia.

Had SoftLayer done even a minimum amount of due diligence, it would have discovered the flimsy background of its customer. In fact, as a company that lists in their top ten worst network block owners and that the recent "McColo Cyber Crime USA" report lists in their top 5, you’d think that the executives at SoftLayer would be happy to up their scrutiny of their prospective customers. So far, no joy.

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