Saturday, December 27, 2008

Zambia's Leading ISP Hacked

Screenshot of the defaced website,

Via The Laska Times.

ZAMNET, Zambia’s leading Internet Service Provider has been Hacked. The site was hacked Saturday afternoon and at the time of writing the site had not been fixed. The Hackers who are calling themselves 3RqU (Turkish) have changed ZAMNETs landing page. 3RqU Turkish are a known notorious group of hackers.

The hackers have gained unauthorised access to ZAMNET servers. According to the new landing page that has been put on ZAMNET, the hackers claim to have root access. Root access grants someone the ability to control all the resources on a server.With this access hackers can for example delete the whole server, read all confidential information on the server or make alterations to site.

Most of the websites hosted by ZAMNET have been affected by this security breach and these include sites like Times of Zambia, Daily mail, ZNBC.

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