Monday, March 16, 2009

Australia: Darwin Hacker Jailed for Three Years

Renai LeMay and Alex Serpo write on

A Northern Territory IT worker who caused millions of dollars of damage to government systems has reportedly been jailed for three years.

Computer engineer David Anthony McIntosh, 28, is a former CSG employee who crashed several government services at Berrimah Prison, Royal Darwin Hospital and the Supreme Court on 5 May last year. McIntosh also deleted over 10 thousand public servants from the system. CSG holds major contracts with the NT Government.

Ninemsn late yesterday reported McIntosh had been jailed for three years as a result of the system crashes, with Justice Stephen Southwood reportedly telling McIntosh he "didn't cause significant permanent harm (but) nonetheless it was malicious".

The Northern Territory News reported last year that McIntosh said he felt "isolated" and "stressed" due to his physical segregation from the rest of his team. McIntosh used his colleague's log-in and IP address to breach the systems.

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