Thursday, April 16, 2009

Terry Childs: State of the case

Paul Venezia writes on the InfoWorld "The Deep End" Blog:

It's been 10 months since Terry Childs was arrested and jailed for refusing to divulge the administrative log-ins to the San Francisco FiberWAN. Recently, the case has fallen off the radar of the mainstream media, and there really hasn't been much to tell in the past few months. Childs is still in jail, he has not yet plead in the case, and there has been no court date set for a trial.

There have been several motions and other legal instruments filed since December, but a new judge has been assigned to the case, and the hearings on those motions have been delayed for over six weeks earlier this year. These postponements were introduced by the judge, who stated that he needed the time to properly understand the highly technical case and read through the more than 1,200 pages of transcripts. It does seem that the new judge is taking an interest in the case and has a desire to understand the technical issues present.

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