Thursday, October 08, 2009

Updated: Yahoo! Provided Iranian Regime With Names of 200,000 Users?

Richard Koman writes on ZDNet Government:

Yahoo collaborated with the Iranian regime during the election protests, providing to the authorities the names and emails of some 200,000 Iranian Yahoo users. This is according to a post on the Iranian Students Solidarity (Farsi) blog. My sources indicate the information comes from a group of resisters who have infiltrated the administration and are leaking out important information.

These sources say that Yahoo representatives met with Iranian Internet authorities after Google and Yahoo were shut down during the protests and agreed to provide the names of Yahoo subscribers who also have blogs in exchange for the government lifting the blocks on Yahoo.

More here.

Update: 14:38 PDT, 10 Oct. 2009: ZDNet has retracted this post. -ferg


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