Friday, January 15, 2010

China's Google Hack Shouldn't Surprise Anyone

Ira Winkler writes on PC World:

What surprises me about the latest hack of Google , supposedly by the Chinese government, is that it was surprising to anyone. Stories about the incident are flooding and other sites throughout the Internet. Google is threatening to pull out of China in response to the hacking , which is giving people the impression that Google is protecting its Web mail subscribers and itself. In reality, I doubt that it will do either.

The whole affair reminds me of a scene in the movie There Will Be Blood , when Daniel Day Lewis' corrupt oil baron tries to buy drilling rights from several landowners, and only one holds out. Years later, the farmer, in need of money, reconsidered. The oil baron, in a drunken rage, laughs at the landowner's representative and tells him that all of the oil was in one common pool, and that when he pumped the oil out of the ground from one piece of land, he got the oil under everybody else's land. It was as if he had stuck a really long straw in the farmer's milkshake, he said, adding "I drank your milkshake." Given the nature of the Internet, whether or not Google pulls out of China, China will drink Google's milkshake.

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At Fri Jan 15, 07:55:00 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aarrrggh! Will people stop acting like Google has no technical clue and stating obvious things like "Google will still be vulnerable, etc".

No shit, sherlock. When I first heard of Google pulling out, I thought, "Hmmm - they must know it's the Chinese government attacking them" days before that was officially verified. It's the only thing that makes sense. Google isn't stupid - they know that it doesn't matter where their actual gear is located. The only thing that makes sense is that they want to send a message to the Chinese government. They are retaliating in the only way possible - make things uncomfortable to the Chinese government by removing Google (albeit a crap-ass version) from the chinese people, and point the finger squarely at their government.

And these people call themselves journalists - so sad...


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