Tuesday, August 02, 2005

AT&T-Intrado E911 Deal Sign of Things to Come in VOIP World

Robyn Weisman writes in eWeek:

Last week AT&T Corp. announced its selection of emergency solutions provider Intrado Inc. to provide some of its CallVantage subscribers with E911 services. Intrado will deploy its V9-1-1SM Mobility Service so that "nomadic users," whose telephone area codes do not correspond to the local rate center, will still have their 911 calls routed to the appropriate public system answering point.

CallVantage, AT&T's VOIP (voice over IP) offering, faces the same overriding issue as its VOIP competitors. By Nov. 28, it must adhere to the Federal Communications Commission's mandate for E911 services. Lisa Pierce, vice president of U.S. telecommunications services at Forrester Research, said that Kevin Martin, the current FCC commissioner, will not offer amnesty for providers that do not have E911 services in place by that deadline.


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