Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Cisco as a "First Responder" after Katrina

An interesing article on MSNBC, by Alan Boyle, reports that:

In Hurricane Katrina's wake, researchers are bringing cutting-edge technologies to the disaster area, just as they did after catastrophes ranging from the 9/11 terror attacks to last year's Asian tsunami.

Among the first high-tech responders was Cisco Systems, which is setting up mobile communication kits and wiki-based networks to deal with Katrina's information overload. "Just wanted you to know that we will have 'feet on the wet street,'" Cisco's Lori Bush reported in a posting to fellow members of the National Institute for Urban Search and Rescue.

Some of the equipment, like the Cisco kits, can fit into a search-and-rescue effort instantly. Other gadgets are being put into service on the fly, in hopes of boosting the communication systems currently being used. And still others aren't yet ready for prime time but will be tested in real-world conditions.


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