Tuesday, April 11, 2006

MArk Cuban: HDNet Won't Stream Video on The Internet

Mark Sullivan writes on Light Reading:

HDNet founder Mark Cuban pledged to the cable industry here Tuesday that he would not use the open Internet to distribute his company’s high-definition video content.

“You’re never going to see a streaming HDNet,” Cuban said. One of the cable executives sitting next to Cuban asked him to "promise.” And Cuban did.

That's pretty interesting, coming from a guy who made his fortune building a streaming media empire. Cuban founded Broadcast.com, a company that broadcast sports games, conference calls, presidential debates, and loads of other things via Internet streaming. The company was acquired by Yahoo Inc. in 1999 for $5.7 billion in stock.

But Cuban's latest venture is HDNet, billed as the first all high-definition (HD) television network. And the rules are definitely different in a high-def world.

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