Thursday, May 10, 2007

Google Shareholders Vote Against Anti-Censorship Proposal

Erik Larkin writes on PC World:

A majority of Google shareholders today voted against an anti-censorship proposal that took aim at the way the search giant conducts its business in China and other countries that engage in active censorship.

The company received a large amount of criticism last year on news that its Chinese search engine,, engages in self-censorship. Patrick Doherty, who introduced the proposal on behalf of the New York City pension funds and the Office of the Comptroller of New York City, referred to Google's congressional testimony from last year (listed on Google's site), which acknowledged that "the requirements of doing business in China include self-censorship--something that runs counter to Google's most basic values and commitments as a company."

The proposal would have required that Google not engage in self-censorship of its products, Doherty said, and also that the company clearly disclose when any censorship had occurred.

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