Tuesday, September 30, 2008

IntruGuard Gets DDoS Detection & Mitigation Patent

David Hamilton writes on theWHIR.com:

Distributed denial-of-service mitigation solution provider IntruGuard application has been granted a patent that covers core elements of an effective DDoS mitigation solution if a hacker tries to cripple a site with a DDoS attack.

According to IntuGuard's announcement Monday, the company was awarded a patent for its "Method and apparatus for rate based denial of service attack detection and prevention" by the US Patent and Trademarks Office. A DDoS attack saturates a victim machine with communications requests so it cannot respond to legitimate traffic. The government of Georgia's website was taken offline possibly by a Russia-based DDoS attack at the onset of Russia's invasion of South Ossetia. Popular movie website IMDB was also taken offline by a DDoS attack this Summer.

IntruGuard states that it has proven it can secure the key elements of any effective DDoS mitigation solution with its SYN and zombie flood detection and prevention mechanism, and its technique of limiting connections and determining adaptive rate thresholds.

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