Sunday, December 28, 2008

Canada: Paying for E911 And Not Getting It - A Dangerous Proposition

Grant Robertson writes in The Globe and Mail:

Every month when cellphone bills arrive, Northern Canadians are forced to pay for a 911 service they can't access.

In recent years, cellphone companies have collected millions of dollars in 911 fees in less-populated regions across Canada where the emergency number is not offered, including Yellowknife.

Those charges are part of a much larger figure that is collected each year in the name of 911.

A Globe and Mail investigation into Canada's lagging 911 system has determined at least $13-million a month is collected in 911 fees on wireless bills across the country. However, the money is not necessarily spent on emergency services – even in places where 911 service is offered.

Instead, Industry Canada documents obtained through access to information laws show the government has been advised that some of the money is padding general revenues of the wireless industry.

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