Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hysterically Real Story of The Day: FAS as a 'Front Company'

Steven Aftergood writes on Secrecy News:

The Federation of American Scientists (FAS) is a “front company” that seeks “to expose national security information,” according to a new briefing on classification policy prepared by a U.S. Marine Corps official.

The 13 page briefing [.pdf], which pedantically explains the proper marking of derivatively classified records, suddenly veers off at page 10 into a factually mistaken claim that “all classified material is being challenged with a view to declassification.”

Out of nowhere, the anonymous briefer asserts that “The Federation of American Scientists is a good example of a front company trying to expose National Security Information under the pretense [probably should be: pretext] of ‘World Peace’.”

“‘No secrets in government’ is their mantra,” the briefing states.

That’s close, but the correct mantra is “No stupidity in government.”

More here.


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