Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hero of The Day: Lee Ermey

Via The Missoulian Online (Missoula, Montana).

When Don Luke saw a tall former Marine Corps drill instructor walk into the Wells Fargo Bank on Russell Street on Monday, a light clicked on.

“He looked very familiar,” Luke said. “I watch the History Channel a ton.”

Sure enough, it was R. Lee Ermey, star of the network's “Mail Call,” with a line of movie credits that stretches back to the 1970s.

Ermey, in Missoula this week to shoot a segment for his upcoming series “Locked and Loaded,” had been driving with crew member Harlan Glenn to a Fort Missoula museum when he spotted something black lying on the blacktop.

On closer examination, it turned out to be a bank deposit bag. Ermey stopped the car and picked it up.

“We look in there and - Lord have mercy,” he said.

The bag contained a pile of dough: cash and checks that looked like they were meant for deposit in an American Indian fund of some sort.

“Just on one deposit slip alone was, like, $3,700, and another one for $2,800,” Glenn said. “There was easily $8,000 in cash, and the rest in checks.”

Ermey said his first thought was: “Some poor guy, right now, is probably getting fired, probably having the worst day of his life.

“So what we did was we went right down to the Wells Fargo bank and deposited it for him.”

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