Monday, December 29, 2008

India: Chinese Mobile Handsets a Boon to Criminals?

Via The Times of India.

When 22-year old Jitendra Rathod was summoned to the Kanota police station and badly grilled for his alleged involvement in a kidnapping case, he was completely devastated. The police said that he had either kidnapped a girl from a village in the Kanota police station area or had aided the kidnappers. When he asked why he was being accused of this, the police told him that they had traced the mobile which the kidnapper had used.

Only then did Jitendra realize that the cute-looking Chinese mobile handset, he had bought recently was the cause of his woes. He claims that the culprit in the case has a Chinese mobile with the similar International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number due to which cops were harassing him.

This is just an example of what kind of security threat the Chinese mobile phones are posing. As it has become a much sought after product in the mobile phone market in the city these days, there are many victims of this national phenomena. This problem has recently come to the notice of central intelligence and security agencies after the recent terror strikes.

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