Sunday, June 15, 2008

Programming Note: Fergie On Vacation for Three Weeks

The Blue Ridge Mountains

Hello, Ladies and Germs.

Fergie (that would be me) will be taking a few weeks off -- actually the first real vacation I've taken in a few years. And I will be forcing myself to enjoy it.

We're heading back east first, to see some of my family -- and then up to Wisconsin to visit with hers.

So needless to say, there will be virtually no blog posts until after the U.S. Independence Day holiday weekend when I return (on 7 July).

I do hope that those of you who do read the blog will still be around then.

If you are, great -- if not, I'll try to win you back with renewed vigor.

In any event, everyone must take some time off occasionally, get out, disconnect, see the extended family, be silly, play miniature golf, ride horses, and drink some beer. Yada.

I'll see you when I get back.

Be safe. Be true.

- ferg