Saturday, May 08, 2010

In Passing: Lynn Redgrave

Lynn Redgrave
8 March 1943 – 2 May 2010

Visa Warns of Fraud Attack from Criminal Group

Brian Krebs:

Visa is warning financial institutions that it has received reliable intelligence that an organized criminal group plans to attempt to move large amounts of fraudulent payments through a merchant account in Eastern Europe, possibly as soon as this weekend.

In an alert sent to banks, card issuers and processors this week, Visa said it “has received intelligence from a third-party entity indicating that a criminal group has plans to execute “a large batch settlement fraud scheme.”

More here.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Programming Note: Off to Ireland

Cork, Ireland

So posts to the blog will most likely be non-existent this week, as I have to travel to Ireland for our quarterly group meeting. This should be back to normal by the weekend, when I return.

Fingers crossed that Eyjafjallajökull doesn't rumble back to interfere with European air travel, but then again, I suppose there are worse places to be stranded than Ireland.


- ferg